What To Do When You Can’t Afford the Kitchen Remodel You Really Want

full kitchen remodel


It’s hard to tell how much a kitchen remodel will cost, but until you set pen to paper, it’s impossible to know. Many homeowners spend years believing they “can’t afford it,” when they really don’t know what they want or what the true cost will be.

The only way to defeat “price paralysis” is to get a good grip on your current finances and see if your dream remodel is really in the cards or not. Studies suggest that you’re more likely to accomplish goals that you write down than those you don’t. So make a commitment to yourself and put your plan in writing.

Must Have vs Like to Have.

We know that it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole with design — but chances are, you don’t need Liberace’s kitchen to be happy. This will be your kitchen that you will use in your house, so you are the only designer that you have to please.

After you finish crafting your wish list, begin sorting it into two columns: what you must have and what you’d like to have. If you must have a new countertop, and you’d like to have a marble island — that’s a good start. And if in your research you find that marble isn’t fitting in your budget or your design, you’ll have an easier time substituting materials or omitting features that you can live without.

If all else fails, make do.

And if you honestly, really and truly cannot afford a kitchen remodel right now, there will almost certainly come a day when you can. (And there’s no harm in dreaming!)

Until then, try to find ways to love your kitchen without breaking out the sledgehammer. There are tons of inexpensive and easy improvements that you can do in a weekend to liven and reinvigorate your space on the cheap.

Change your curtains, add a lighting fixture, paint your walls or shop consignment stores for funky new art or furniture. Who knows? You may find the perfect farmhouse table to use until you get that marble island.