Top 5 Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2019

trendy kitchen

Marsh Kitchen & Bath is ringing in the new year with our predictions for the biggest kitchen and bath design trends for 2019! These are some of the top design choices we expect to play significant roles in the new year and beyond.


  1. Goodbye, stainless steel. Maybe we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to stainless steel altogether, but one thing we’re ready for is seeing more appliances in finishes other than the ever-popular stainless steel. Home design experts agree that 2019 and 2020 will see a bigger push away from stainless steel and toward trendy finishes like matte black and whimsical reds, yellows, and mint greens. With these fun colors come the resurgence of retro style appliances reminiscent of kitchens from the 1950s. Below is one of our recent Marsh Kitchen & Bath projects, designed by Danielle Wrenn at our Burlington location. As part of a historic home, this kitchen needed updating that wouldn’t undermine its history. The retro matte black range ties in the classic checkerboard floors while offering a modern look that complements the updated bright white cabinetry.


retro range


  1. All about that base. It seems we can’t have a design conversation without hearing the phrase “open concept,” and that won’t soon change. Home design in 2019 and beyond will continue to focus on creating an open, airy feel. In the kitchen, this means that base cabinetry is playing a more prominent role while upper cabinetry becomes optional. Foregoing upper cabinets often makes a space appear larger, brighter, and more open. Of course, choosing not to include those extra cabinets also means giving up significant storage space—it’s important to consider how you use your kitchen before deciding to go without upper cabinets. For those who decide to focus on base cabinets, there are many options for increasing your storage capacity. Deep drawers are especially helpful in maximizing the value of your base cabinets.


deep drawers


  1. A pop of color goes a long way. Many designers are quick to say that the white kitchen is out. We’re not convinced homeowners agree, but we know color is on the rise and it’s a trend we are completely on board with. Homeowners are increasingly choosing to add islands in bright blues, greens, and even reds. In a move away from the neutrals that have long dominated kitchen trends, many are even opting for kitchen designs in full color. If you choose to go this route, we recommend choosing soft, muted colors that won’t overwhelm you after a few months of living in your new space.


Blue island kitchen


  1. Spa-like baths elevate your morning routine. Gone are the days of viewing bathrooms as purely functional spaces. These utilitarian rooms, especially master baths, are now designed to mimic the relaxing qualities of a spa getaway. Real estate agents are the first to say kitchens and bathrooms sell. Whether you’re interested in selling your house in the next few years or plan to retire in your current home, investing in your master bath makes sense. Prospective buyers will pay close attention to the state of your bathroom before making their decision, and investing in a room that helps you unwind can make a striking impact on your health by relieving anxiety caused by daily stressors.


spa-like bath


  1. Black is back! In bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms—this trend goes beyond just kitchens and baths. Black is back and bigger than ever before. Whether as an accent wall or on the entirety of a kitchen’s cabinets, black is trending across the home interior industry. This bold color is best in small doses or in spaces that get plenty of natural light. As theatrical as it may be, black can easily become too intense in spaces with poor lighting. It’s a classic color that never goes out of style, so if you’re thinking of adding a touch of drama to your kitchen or bath, give us a call!
black kitchen


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