Key Storage Elements

cabinet storage

Written by Carol Van Zile, CKD, CAPS

Clients often ask me what  key storage items should be in every kitchen. This is a very important question, when you consider what consumes the most real estate space in this important room. Storage plays a very important role in how a kitchen functions. It should be easy to find what you need, put away the groceries or unload the dishwasher. No matter how small or large the room, if it’s not well organized and efficiently arranged, you will be prone to cluttered counters and stuffed drawers.

The storage items I recommend for small to moderate sized kitchens are:

Double Waste/Recycle Pull-Out
It’s best if the door pulls straight out with the trash can attached. Many times an after-market product will fit into a cabinet and you first must open a hinged door THEN pull out the trash can. This causes the user to make two movements to pull out the waste basket, so it decreases efficiency of the product.

Wide, Deep Drawers
These are great for pots and pans, small appliances, and plastic storage containers. Many of my clients need a deep drawer for snacks and bread. Wide, deep drawers are preferred over roll-outs. Why? Because with one movement you can see everything in the drawer. It takes two movements, one to open the door and a second to pull out the roll-out into view for those cabinets with pull-out shelves.

Tray Dividers
Not only are these wonderful for keeping your cookie sheets, broiler & pizza pans organized, but think of your oversized serving platters and cutting boards. Everything is stored vertically for easy pull-out access.

Spice Storage
This can either be on the back of a wall door near the range, set up in neat, stair step style in the back of a cabinet, or as a narrow pull-out wall or base unit. If the drawer is deep enough, you can also get a drawer insert for this same purpose. This is my least favorite way to store spices, because you usually need to buy spices that are in rectangular containers to they don’t roll-around when your opening and shutting the drawer.

Drawer Dividers
Spaces specifically designed for cutlery near the dishwasher or food serving area and utensil storage by the range. This helps to get the pieces back in their proper location so no time is wasted looking for the ice cream scoop!

Sink Base Cabinet Storage
How many times have you seen a beautiful kitchen, then noticed the towel hanging off of the range handle? Or worse yet, draped over the wooden sink base door? There are many options for towels, including wire racks that have 2, 3 or 4 prongs that pull out to handle those wet towels. There are wire, door mounted racks that fit neatly behind the door that serve the same purpose. Many have a small basket that will accommodate cleaning supplies too!

If you're looking to organize your existing kitchen, there are numerous sources for kitchen cabinet and drawer organizers. Or make it easy on yourself and contact our expert kitchen designers at Marsh Kitchen & Bath.