How to Save Money on Your Remodel (and Love the Results!)

kitchen update


So, you want your kitchen remodeled, but you don’t want to break the bank doing it. You’ve come to the right place!

Saving money on your project doesn’t mean settling for a new kitchen you can’t be proud of. Purchasing poor materials, agreeing to shoddy work, or curtailing your unique ideas in favor of cheap, cookie-cutter designs is worse than not having your kitchen remodeled at all.

We’ll show you how to stay within budget and get the kitchen what you want.

Cut What You Won’t Use

A smart, budget friendly kitchen remodel starts with a design based on how you actually use your kitchen.

Do you have young children, or is everyone in your home an adult? Will you invite visitors into your kitchen for eating and cooking, or will it be a “Chef Only” sanctuary?

These questions will help you decide on what to invest in, and what to cut. Should you build a breakfast nook in your kitchen or use that space for more storage? A proper plan, based on real usage will guide those decisions.

Beware of Trends

We love home and garden magazines as much as you do. Magazines are still a great way to browse gorgeous kitchen designs from around the world and get inspired about your own project.

However, beware of falling into “trendy”, the trend envy some of these magazines propagate. A magazine spread only lasts for a month. Your kitchen remodel will be with you for years.

So, don’t worry about what’s in this season, or what’s out. And don’t default to what everyone has labeled classic or timeless. Instead, choose a design and materials that match your personal sense of style. The goal is simple – when a guest walks into your kitchen it should help tell your family’s story. That story shouldn’t be “I saw this kitchen on HGTV.”

Paying to follow a trend will always feel like a waste of money later on. Paying for a kitchen remodel that represents who you are will pay off in the years to come.

Find Alternatives

Planning your kitchen based on personal usage and style is a great way to not waste money, but how about spending less on the features you know you want?

If you had your heart set on a dramatic countertop but can’t stomach the price tag of granite, don’t worry. There are plenty of alternative materials available that will still make a statement without sinking your budget.

Solid surface countertops like Corian© can offer a similar look at half the price of natural stone. And with the variety of color, pattern and shapes available, there’s an excellent chance you’ll find a solid surface style you’ll enjoy as much — if not more than granite.

If you’re looking for still cheaper (or more dramatic) options, consider a few less common materials that are growing in popularity. Wood countertops are being found in more and more kitchens, offering a warmth and unique look that is unrivaled by stone. Ceramic tile is another inexpensive and durable option, offering design choices that are nearly endless at a mere fraction of the cost.

Maximize the Impact

You’ve heard before that a little paint can go a long way. It’s true. And so can your choice of appliances, and utensils, and many other small choices in your kitchen.

It doesn’t take more money to create a better experience in your kitchen. It takes the knowledge of how to use small features and tweak that can make a big difference.

Save Time, Save Money

Avoiding over-design and getting more value out of your design both mean nothing if you don’t follow this next tip.

Some home owners try to save money on a kitchen remodel by going the do-it-yourself route. They’re sure of what they want and how to build it, so they start a project on their own.

Don’t follow that path.

Even if you’re completely competent in design and construction, your life tends to catch up with you. Work gets busy, a child gets sick, and before you know it your remodel is taking months instead of weeks.

A kitchen remodel that goes over time will also go over budget. DIY homeowners often save at the beginning of a project, but overspend in the end as the schedule gets out of hand. Even worse, finishing a kitchen by yourself can sometimes entail making compromises in the beauty or quality of the work, ruining the reason for the remodel in the first place.

Do you need help getting the kitchen remodel you want, at a reasonable cost?

Contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable designers will help you translate your unique needs and taste into a kitchen remodel plan that fits your schedule and budget.