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We feel so lucky to have had Marsh Kitchens as our kitchen remodel source. We couldn’t have gotten any better. Your company has gone out of its way to help us with everything. We sincerely appreciate all your help and will always be grateful for the experience.

~Clara & Kemp J.


Marsh Kitchens: The Early Years

Founded in 1906 by Julius Everett Marsh Sr., Marsh Furniture Company has been crafting fine kitchen cabinetry for over a century. Located in High Point, North Carolina, Marsh from its inception has always been about innovation. While other furniture companies were building for the bedroom, dining room or den, Marsh built furniture for the kitchen. Marketed as “kitchen safes” and sold through retail stores, these ornate free-standing cupboards were innovative in another way. They were among the first pieces of furniture to be shipped “ready–to-assemble“ in the jargon of the day. The only constant in Marsh’s first decade was change. Features like tilt-out flour bins with built-in sifters, sliding tambour doors and enameled metal work surfaces (the precursor to today’s counter tops) were added to Marsh cupboards as they began to define the modern kitchen cabinet.

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Seizing Opportunities

In 1914, Marsh introduced the radical concept of a portable kitchen cabinet by putting casters on their cupboards. During the great depression, as consumers lost buying power and sales of any one item shrunk, Marsh supplemented production by broadening their customer base. To achieve this, iceboxes, butcher tables, and even pinball machines were added to standard product offering.

Growth Years

After the depression this talent for recognizing and seizing opportunity led to yet another pioneering effort, pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets with separate wall and base units were developed, sold directly to contractors, and then built into new homes. The phenomenal success of this concept established Marsh as a major identity in the new construction industry and increased the opportunity for new product development.

The ensuing period of the 50’s through the 80’s found the company adding other materials, styles, finishes and accessories as well as the introduction of European frameless cabinetry at a value unmatched in the industry.

The 1990’s and early 2000’s were a period of continual broadening of our product lines to match the evolution of our industry into the world of fashion and in turn making our kitchen cabinets available to a broader share of the housing market. During these same years, Marsh also moved strongly into the retail kitchen cabinet business in our home area, growing from one to five. These retail stores today are known as Marsh Kitchens, and offer local consumers and kitchen remodelers ability to purchase truly “factory direct“ cabinetry as well as design and installation.

Marsh Kitchens Today

As it enters its second 100 years, Marsh remains a family owned company committed to providing fine kitchen cabinetry to our customers but also continuing our tradition as a responsible corporate partner in the triad community.

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