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Designing With Oak Cabinets   June 22nd, 2015

After all these years, oak is still one of the most popular kitchen cabinet woods. Its bold, attractive grain and homey, honey colors make it a natural in country or traditional style kitchens. Strong and durable, oak is a solid choice when building a kitchen that will last. But if you’re having trouble designing an oak kitchen that doesn’t look like a hunting lodge, weR

High Point Designer Showhouse Preview!   June 11th, 2015

Check out these stunning photos of the Junior League of High Point Designer Showhouse!
The historic Terry property, a 1912-era Tudor Revival, was already beautiful. Together with a team of local designers and craftsmen, Marsh Furniture and Marsh Kitchens were able to help create a modern, livable home that preserved the house’s charm and character.
You can find more informat…

Storage Tips: The Gift Wrap Center   May 19th, 2015

Here’s a great storage and organizing idea: your own gift wrap center!
Imagine: no more rummaging through the back of the closet for gift wrap, only to find that it’s been destroyed because muddy boots were thrown on top of it.
This clever use of space gives you a convenient gift wrap center and office nook all in one.
We built this custom gift wrap center for the Greensboro Sou

Designing for One-Wall Kitchens   May 11th, 2015

The ultimate space-saver, the one-wall kitchen (originally called the Pullman kitchen) is exactly what it sounds like: an entire kitchen space worked into a single wall. Although one-wall kitchens are typically found in studios or lofts where space is at a premium, when properly executed and minimally designed, they can work beautifully in any size home.
The main draw for the on…

Serve Mom a Quiche!   April 29th, 2015

Light, flaky crust. Rich, satiny custard. Hearty vegetables and gooey cheese — oh yeah, we’re talking about quiche. It’s an elegant dish that’s great for a Mother’s Day surprise because it looks amazing, tastes wonderful, and it’s easy – really easy to make.
When I was in college, I worked at this little tea shop downtown that did a fabulous Su…

Transitional Kitchen Design: A Creative Mix of Old and New   April 23rd, 2015

If you’re looking to create a relaxed and welcoming space (but prefer a mix of styles, materials and patterns) you’ll appreciate the refined but eclectic feel of the transitional kitchen. This popular design type blends newer, cleaner lines with traditional style cues to create a space that is familiar, current and highly functional.
Because this design type bridges tradi

Kitchen Countertops: So Many Materials!   April 7th, 2015

Your kitchen countertop is one of the most visible surfaces in your kitchen and it receives the hardest use. It’s a key element, and luckily, you have more choices than ever in terms of price, look, durability and ease of care.
From natural stone to a slew of engineered, manufactured, recycled and even salvaged options, there are far too many options to consider in one small blog po…

Getting Started with Traditional Kitchen Design   March 26th, 2015

Unlike the clean, minimalist lines of modern and contemporary design, traditional kitchens are elegant and luxurious, using natural materials and embellished details to create a refined, yet comfortable space.
Drawing from 18th, 19th and early 20th century American and European design, the traditional style can describe a variety of early regional and period looks. Design

Small Kitchen Design Made Simple   March 10th, 2015

So you can’t fit a pool table in your kitchen. Maybe you can’t fit more than one person in your kitchen. We all know what they say about size, but when you’re planning your own small kitchen remodel, you may (understandably) start off feeling a little limited.
You wouldn’t know it from flipping through design mags, but very few people actually have a kitchen the size of

What is Contemporary Kitchen Design?   February 19th, 2015

Written by Carol Van Zile, CKD, CAPS
Sleek lines with functional, modern designs describes today’s contemporary kitchen. Design ideas come from current trends, colors, and materials to create a look that is very fresh and “now” while maintaining an uncluttered and open feel.

The Layout

Contemporary design works particularly well for floor plans that allow free flow and …